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I do my best to represent the colors accurately but, as you know, each monitor is different! My experience is that the silks are more beautiful in real life than can possibly be captured digitally.
The way I work with the dyes creates a wide range of shade variation, sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic. Some colors also tend to 'star' --my term for tiny specks of intense color that occur spontaneously on a piece. All of these qualities are to be considered part of the natural beauty of the piece. Understand that I am interested in exploring that line between control and chaos where magic happens, often surrendering my own expectations along the way. (a good practice for life in general I think!)
If you know that you are extremely fussy about color please come see me at a show rather than ordering from the site so that you can see for yourself all the variations in a piece and know that you love it before you buy. If you are flexible with your expectations then order with abandon! I'm sure you will be delighted with what you receive. If you get something that you are just unhappy with, please call RIGHT AWAY and we can work out an exchange. We'll talk about how the piece needs to be different and I'll make a replacement. You send the unwanted and unworn item back to me and I send the new one back to you!


Where applicable I provide specific measurements for each piece. Please e-mail me if you have specific questions about a piece.

Aurora and Luna wrap and tie at the hip.
There is some flexibility regarding your choice of size here. Measure your hips at the place you plan on wearing your skirt. If your hip measurement is larger than what is shown there will be a gap when you are wearing it. This can be okay if it's only an inch or two---a three inch gap may be pushing it, but you have to decide what you are comfortable with. If your hip measurement is smaller than what is shown the extra fabric will be caught up in the knot at your hip. Again, an inch or two is okay, but three inches begins to make the knot too bulky and disturbs the drape of the top layer of the skirt.

PanDora has buckles at the sides.
Again some flexibility here, but only within the measurements shown. Be sure your measurement falls somewhere in the middle of the range for the best fit.

Tara has a drawstring waist and usually fits everyone. The waistband is 58-60"

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